Breath Therapy

‘For breath is life, and if you breathe well you will live long on earth’  ~Sanskrit Proverb

If you feel that you are not experiencing life to the full, not moving into your true potential then you are probably not breathing freely and fully.

How we breathe mirrors how we live.

This powerful Breath Therapy technique will enable you to

  • Move through old emotional  patterns
  • Release energies and thinking habits that no longer serve
  • Move into new dimensional awareness of Self
  • Experience a Peace beyond all expectation

This Breath Therapy has its origins in rebirthing breathwork and takes its form from ancient yogic practices of pranayam ( breath mastery). It is believed that if we can master the breath we can master the emotions and still the mind, experiencing the true nature of our Being, our Bliss.

The process of Breath Therapy is a process of surrender, staying focussed on the breath and simply observing what arises in the body, mind and emotions, without desire or attachment. There is an opportunity to meet and observe all that has distracted us from our true nature and there is an invitation to choose once again.

A powerful tool for clearing old patterns and moving into your full potential.

A session takes place fully clothed, lying comfortably on the floor or on a therapy couch. We first listen to what you are bringing and attune to your needs and we complete with time for process and integration.

1.5 to 2 hour session                                   €85

Group sessions also available.

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