Reiki (pronounced “Ray-key”) is a Japanese word meaning universal life force. Reiki is an ancient energy, rediscovered and brought to the west, helping us restore balance and reconnect with our innate ability to heal ourselves.Seichim (pronounced “Say-keem”) is living light energy as well as an ancient Egyptian system of healing wisdom.

Reiki and Seichim are standalone healing systems that until recently have been taught and applied separately.It is now common to combine both energy streams in one energy treatment.

A treatment promotes balance, well-being and relaxation. As you experience the energy flow you will move into a restful state, similar to meditation. When the body is relaxed, it is easier for natural healing to take place. The reported benefits of Reiki/Seichim  include:

  • Stress reduction
  • Relaxation
  • Emotional balancing
  • Spiritual wellbeing
  • Natural healing

The treatment takes place, fully clothed, lying on a therapy couch. It is similar to the ‘laying on of hands’ and the hands of the practitioner may be on or off the body. It is gentle and most individuals experience a very gentle loving presence.

I also offer attunements/initiations in both Reiki and Seichim, either to individuals or in groups. This is a wonderful way for you to learn how to offer this healing energy to yourself and your loved ones. Please contact me for details

1 hour session                                    €50

Please talk to me if you feel you would benefit from a session and have specific cash concerns

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