Dynamic Breathwork – Rebirthing Workshop

Sundays Monthly 10am to 1pm

A journey into your own breath is a journey into the heart of your own Being.
Using simple yet profound sounding and breath practices we will explore our individual personal relationship with our breath, which mirrors our relationship with life itself.
We will move through a full cycle of conscious connected breathing embracing all that shows up on our journey and flowing towards an experience of wholeness and connection with Spirit/Source/Self.
Allowing all things to be exactly as they are we move beyond judgement and into simple awareness and bliss.
No previous experience of breathwork or rebirthing needed. Wear loose comfortable clothing, and bring water and a blanket for comfort.
Cost: €30

Reiki Level 1 

reiki green

Spring schedule to follow

Reiki is a simple and profound energy tool that can be learned by everyone and used for healing, relaxation, mindfulness, self-awareness and calming of the mind and emotions. Reiki is done fully clothed with hands placed on or above the body. It is a very gentle, respectful and non invasive treatment that can change your life and re-connect you with your innate healing gifts. Everyone can benefit from Reiki.

During this day together we will learn to still the mind, sense energy, explore the nature of healing and be initiated into level 1 Reiki. We will learn a healing sequence that we can use on ourselves and on our family, friends and pets.

Cost, including Level 1 certification: € 125

The cost of training includes a follow up session three weeks after the workshop to check in, practice together and learn a basic Chakra balancing sequence. Time and date to be arranged to suit participants.



Reiki and Seichim to all levels

.Contact by email for details



Reiki and Meditation

Groups on request

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