‘Thank you Linda for an amazing session ( Massage ) recently. I felt the depth of the work at the time yet it continues to work through me, helping me to drop ever more deeply into my body. You hold the space so well, making it feel very safe to really let go. I’ll be coming back to see you for another session soon – it’s so important for me to have regular bodywork, especially in these accelerated times… it’s one of the main ways in which I care for myself.’ Lynn Paterson , Courtmacsherry

‘Wow, that was the best massage I ever had!’ Anne C. Cork

Group Reconnective Therapy
 ‘My experience in group with Linda was exceptional. . . . .Linda held the space for all of us with extreme compassion, love and patience.  She worked intuitively with the energy, Her ability to constantly read the energy and guide the group through emotions, feelings and the next step being presented was amazingly fine tuned .  I felt minded, looked after and completely safe to let go in Linda’s workshops and classes.’
“Linda is a  sensitive and respectful therapist and an enthusiastic and competent facilitator. Her innate joy bubbles over into her work  while her compassion generates a safe environment for vulnerable moments.    In reconnection therapy she tuned into my field and  under the direction of her guides tracked   traumatic cellular memories and   located areas of disconnection or tears in my auric field .   She worked with the energies to promote healing. And also advised me on  aspects of my life that I needed to care for and attend to. I felt safe with Linda and the Reconnection sessions have always left me with a sense of peace and wellbeing”
Patricia, Cork
(ReConnection Healing)
‘ Linda has amazing gifts. When she works with me God always sends a sign through her so that I can trust her completely during our session. And from holy anointings to working with the angelic realm and other celestial beings she can see and do what no one else that I know of can do. I would not be where I am today without her kind care’. M.S Terry, Scribe and Mystic, Cork
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